Rural education in Colombia

As a 2012, 58 million children worldwide of primary school age were not attending school.  When children are not given the opportunity to receive a proper education, their chances of a better life are extremely dismal. When children are not properly educated, they only become a factor in contributing to the cycles of global poverty. The education problem in rural Colombia faces extreme challenges as 52% or approximately 6 million of children do not finish secondary school. The illiteracy rate is 15%, three times the national Colombia average.

Moreover, the quality of rural education is impacted by a lack of resources, poor infrastructure and the armed conflict.

Maria Auxiliadora school project

Maria Auxiliadora is a special needs school located in Puerto Asis, Putumayo. Since 2008, our organization has improved the substandard conditions of the school by equipping them with a computer lab and supplying video equipment, dictation materials, textbooks, manipulatives, sporting equipment and materials such as seeds and soil to build an onsite organic farm.